CWC+EC is the only approved and licensed beverage provider approved at the CWC+EC and provides catering, concession and hospitality services. In addition, CWC+EC Catering also hold the applicable exclusive liquor license from the Village of Rothschild.

Sampling of food and beverage is allowed in the CWC+EC Exhibit Hall or Ballrooms. Outside food and beverage is permitted with CWC+EC prior approval from the Director of Sales.


Our Event Coordinator will work with an event to coordinate all food and beverage needs for both catering and retail sales, execute all food and beverage contracts, and handle all deposits and billings for events. In order to prepare properly for an event and ensure its success, the catering coordinator must receive food and beverage requirements, locations and agenda a minimum of two weeks prior to the event. If the catering manager does not obtain this information CWC+EC cannot guarantee that the labor, equipment, or food will be available to make the event a success.

Alcoholic Beverages

CWC+EC management has the right to approve the dispensing of alcohol and location at any event within the CWC+EC unless the event is deemed non-alcoholic. Alcoholic beverages purchased with the CWC+EC may not be consumed or carried off premise. Additional staff may be required at Permittee’s expense based on the nature of the event as determined by the CWC+EC and CWC+EC Catering. All alcoholic beverages carried in from commons or hotels are strictly prohibited.

Retail Outlets

Our concession stands and cafeterias are fully equipped to accommodate large groups. Locations include:

Permanent Concession Stands
Located at the front of the common area. CWC+EC has the right to open and maintain concession stands for all events at the CWC+EC. A clear access of 15′ to the side of the concession stand must be maintained for all exhibit hall shows, along with areas on the east and/or west sides of concession stands. See floor plans for specific locations and prohibited areas. Concession hours are scheduled based on event needs.

Specialty Concessions
Can be located in other areas of the CWC+EC, for an additional charge. Please contact CWC+EC Catering when planning for an event in order to offer the best possible food and beverage services to guests.